As part of the enrichment experience on 8 White, Green, and Gold, student teams are exploring various Web 2.0 tools. This page showcases the projects students have created to demonstrate and explain the tools they have used:

Go Animate | Prezi | Google Docs | Diigo | Delicious | Glogster | Animoto | Wikispaces | Xtranorml | Mindmeister | Time Toast | Voice Thread | Story Jumper

Each group is assigned a tool and given a set of basic instructions:
Go to the tool on the web, explore it, figure out how to use it, and brainstorm how you would use it in school. Once they are comfortable enough to present the tool to their peers, they make a presentation which explains the tool.

All of this is done with minimal input from the teachers - the students conduct the exploration, decide on what to present and how to present it.

Below are some of the presentations they have created.

Wall Wisher - with feedback from Enrichment Students

Go Animate!

Cycle1: Go!Animate: Janelle,Nicole, Ryanne, and Sarah

Cycle 2:

Rhianna and Micayla created this presentation: How to use Go Animate by rhiannamicayla

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!


Prezi: Presentation from Cycle 1

How to Use Prezi:

Cady and Ruba created this clever Prezi about the tool:

This Prezi focuses on Ipods...

A demo Prezi on "Pretty Little Liars"

And a set of instructions for using Prezi...

This Prezi focuses on Lacrosse

Google Docs:

A google docs presentation on the Middle Ages, by Aly and Roquele

This demo presentation on Lacrosse shows some of what Google Docs Presentation can do


A sample Diigo to show you what it can do.

Diigo: A powerpoint presentation by Kylee, Adrienne, Alexa, and Jordan

This Google presentation explains Diigo:


A glogster about the tool, from cycle 2
This glogster gives some basics about using it, from cycle 4

by Meghan, Elena, and Jackie


Animoto - by Julia, Katty, and Morjane

A presentation by Rebecca and Kevin

Jamie's Animoto How-to

Ashley and Emma created this brief intro to Animoto, and this sample product about flowers.


Wikispaces - this wiki about wikis was created by Kayla, Steph, & Mady

Wiki about Wikis - created by Katelyn, Jordan, and Himalee

Introduction to Wikis - by Isaac & Parker

A sample wiki about Eminem, by Niloufar and Jen

An overview of how to start a Wiki, by Liz, Lexi, and Georgia

Jack and Chris created this overview Wiki...


Delicious - a powerpoint presentation by Marcelo and Raf

Alex and Matt created this Google Docs presentation explaining social bookmarking on delicious:

Their accompanying sample Delicious account is here.


Xtranorml - by Chris, Malik & Tim

XTranormal demo via soccer - created by Luka & Alan

by Tommy and Pat

This google Doc presentation explains how to make a movie -- by Liz, Abby, and Skye

Two presidents present how to use this tool:

A how-to google docs slideshow by Jhad and Anthony

=Time Toast:

This Timetoast timeline is a how to - easier to follow if you switch to text mode... created by Kenzie & Maddie

Kenzie & Maddie also created this demo timeline explores reasons to use the tool

Here is a demonstration of this social studies interactive timeline tool, created by Allie


By Tanner, Laim, and Derick

=Story Jumper:

A storybook about making storybooks using this online tool
"The Little Red Seahorse" A story created by cycle 4 students
"How to use storyjumper" - a nice example of the tool, using screen shots to explain features
Erin and Olivia created this book to explain Story Jumper...
... and this one as a demo - thanks for the dedication!


This presentation gives some of the basics of the tool.
Here's my demo Voki:

Here's one by Chris: